Coaxial Cable Assembly
Coaxial Cable Assembly
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Coaxial Cable Assembly Product Range
 MODEL NO  CONNECTOR  Inner Conductor  Frequency DC-3  Frequency DC-6  Frequency DC-18  Frequency DC-30  PDF Datasheet
VT03SYV-50-3-1 BNC-JJ,Q9-JJ 0.9 5 IL<=3.0dB;VSWR<=1.4
VT06SFF-50-3-1 N,SMA 0.93 4.5 IL<=2dB;VSWR<=1.3 IL<=3dB;VSWR<=1.4
VT18SUJ-50-5 N-J 1.83 7 IL<=0.8dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=1.8B;VSWR<=1.4
VT18RG402 N,SMA 1.3 4.2 IL<=1.0dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.5dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=2.6dB;VSWR<=1.35
VT40RG402 2.92-JJ 1.3 4.2 IL<=1.0dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.5dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=2.6dB;VSWR<=1.35
VTSFT316 2.92-JJ 0.9 3 IL<=1.8dB IL<=2.2dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=3.6dB;VSWR<=1.25
VT18DLF35 N,SMA 0.94 3.5 VSWR<=1.15 VSWR<=1.2 VSWR<=1.35
VT18DLF50 N,SMA 1.45 5.2 IL<=0.7dB;VSWR?1.15 IL<=0.9dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=1.8dB;VSWR<=1.35
VT30DLA36 2.92,SMA,N,SMP,TNC-K 0.72 3.6 IL<=1.0dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.5dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=2.5dB;VSWR<=1.3
VT18DLA46 SMA,N,TNC-K 1.02 4.6 IL<=0.9dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.2dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=1.9dB;VSWR<=1.3
VT18DLA52 SMA,N-J,TNC-J 1.29 3.91 IL<=0.7dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.0dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=1.6dB;VSWR<=1.3
VT18DLA63 SMA-K,N-J,TNC-J 1.57 6.35 IL<=0.6dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=0.8dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=1.4dB;VSWR<=1.3
VT40DLB36 2.92,2.4,SMA,SMP 0.91 3.6 IL<=0.8dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.3dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=2.0dB;VSWR<=1.25
VT18DLB52 2.92,2.4,SMA,N,TNC 1.45 5.2 IL<=0.6dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.0dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=1.3dB;VSWR<=1.3
VT18DLB80 SMA,N,TNC 2.3 7.8 IL<=0.4dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=0.7dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=1.0dB;VSWR<=1.3
VTSFT-50-3 2.92-J,SMA,N-J 0.99 3.58 IL<=0.8dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.0dB;VSWR<=15 IL<=1.8dB;VSWR<=1.4
VTSFT-50-2 2.92,2.4-J,SMA 0.56 2.18 IL<=1.2dB;VSWR<=1.15 IL<=1.6dB;VSWR<=1.2 IL<=2.8dB;VSWR<=1.25

* The Standard Model Numbers above are the most common parts ordered for size, material and flange. However, these models can easily be altered to accommodate your needs by using the Model # code system below for complete part number.
** Please refer to the Technical Reference section for flange types/connectors details. Please contact us for your specific requirements.

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