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Wideband Horn Antenna
Vector Telecom manufactures a high quality line of dual-ridged horn antennas typically used for EMI testing, surveillance equipment, antenna gain and pattern measurement. Wideband dual-ridged horn antennas are linearly polarized with high Gain, low VSWR, lightweight, covering from 0.2GHz to 40GHz. Please contact us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our sales engineers. 
Wideband Horn Antenna
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Wideband Horn Antenna Product Range
  (GHz) (dB) (°) (°) Max
VT10180DRHA10SK 1.0-18.0 8.2-14.6 30-70 23-60 2.5 SMA
VT10180DRHA10NK 1.0-18.0 8.2-14.6 30-77 23-60 2.5 N
VT80180DRSGAH10NK 8.0-18.0 41559 21-34 21-44 2.5 N
VT80180WBHA10SK 8.0-18.0 41559 21-34 21-44 2.5 SMA
VT180400DRHA16K2.92K 18.0-40.0 9-15.6 17-44 18-33 2.5 2.92mm

* The Standard Model Numbers above are the most common parts ordered for size, material and flange. However, these models can easily be altered to accommodate your needs by using the Model # code system below for complete part number.
** Please refer to the Technical Reference section for flange types/connectors details. Please contact us for your specific requirements.
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