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Rectangle WG Bend
Rectangle WG Transition
Magic Hybrid Tee
WG High-pass Filter
E-Plane Tee
H-Plane Tee
WG Single Channel Rotary Joint
WG Dual-Channel Rotary Joint
WG Low Power Termination
WG High Power Termination

WG Fixed Attenuator
Rectangle WG Straight
Flexible-Twistable WG
Elliptical WG
Rectangle WG Calibration Kits
WG to Coaxial Adapter - Right Angle
WG to Coaxial Adapter - Endlaunch
Crossguide Directional Coupler - 4 WG Ports
Crossguide Directional Coupler - 3 WG Ports
Crossguide Directional Coupler - 2 WG Ports & 1 Coax Port

Flexible Seamless WG
WG Electromechanical Switch
WG Cable Assembly (Right Angle)
WG Cable Assembly (End Launch)
Double Ridge WG Bend
Double Ridge WG to Coaxial Adapter (Right Angle)
Double Ridge WG to Coaxial Adapter (End Launch)
High Power Double-Ridged WG to Coaxial Adapter
Circular WG to Coaxial Adapter
WG Bandpass Filter

WG Low-pass Filter
WG Duplexer
WG Pressure Window
Rectangular to Circular WG Transition (TE10-TE11)
Rectangular to Rectangular WG Adapter Specials
Double Ridge Straight WG
Inflatable Straight WG
Rectangle WG Twist
Double Ridge Twist WG
Small Size WG Termination

WG Sliding Termination
WG Unmatched Termination
Double Ridge WG Termination
Double Ridge WG High Power Termination
WG Short Plate
WG Offset Short
WG Sliding Short
Rectangular WG Loop Coupler
Double Ridge WG Loop Coupler
Rectangle WG Probe Coupler

Circular WG Probe Coupler
WG Adjustable Support
WG High Power Rotary Joint
90° Polarized Rotary Joint
Circular WG Rotary Joint
Double Ridge WG Rotary Joint
In-Phase WG Power Divider / Combiner
WG 90° Power Divider/Combiner
WG Coupling Fixed Attenuator
WG High Power Coupling Fixed Attenuator

WG Variable Attenuator
Double Ridge WG Fixed Attenuator
Double Ridge WG Coupling Fixed Attenuator

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