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Vector Telecom has developed and manufactured waveguide Isolators covering from C to Ka bands
(5.38 - 40.0 GHz). It features low VSWR,
low IL and high Isolation over waveguide full bandwidth.                                    
Waveguide Isolators are mainly used in the microwave feed, connecting with microwave signal source links. If the electromagnetic wave is transmitted in the direction of the arrow as shown in the Outline Drawing below, the loss will be very small. If the electromagnetic wave is transmitted in the reverse direction, the transmission energy will be absorbed by the load, which plays the role of protecting signal source, decoupling and isolation.

Part No WG Type Freq Range VSWR (Max) Insertion Loss (Max) Isolation (Min) Average Power (W) Peak Power (W)
VT70WHPISO18 WR137 5.38 - 8.17GHz 1.35 0.4dB 17dB 150 10K
VT84WHPISO18 WR112 6.57 - 9.99GHz 1.35 0.4dB 18dB 150 5K
VT100WHPISO18 WR90 8.2 - 12.4GHz 1.35 0.3dB 18dB 100 3K
VT120WHPISO18 WR75 9.84 - 15GHz 1.25 0.3dB 20dB 100 3K
VT140WHPISO18 WR62 11.9 - 18GHz 1.25 0.3dB 20dB 50 2K
VT180WHPISO18 WR51 14.5 - 22GHz 1.3 0.3dB 18dB 50 1K
VT220WHPISO18 WR42 17.6 - 26.7GHz 1.3 0.3dB 18dB 30 500
VT260WHPISO18 WR34 21.7 - 33GHz 1.3 0.3dB 18dB 20 300
VT320WHPISO18 WR28 26.5 - 40GHz 1.4 0.4dB 16dB 15 300

Outline Drawings

Test Curves

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