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Millimeterwave Products
Vector Telecom is pleased to introduce our MMW products and test equipments.
 Waveguide Components:
• Waveguide Twist • Waveguide Bend • Straight Waveguide • Waveguide Assembly
 Waveguide Termination:
• Waveguide Sliding Termination • Waveguide Termination
 Waveguide Coupler: 
• Broadwall Directional Coupler • Crossguide Directional Coupler
 Waveguide Attenuator:
• Waveguide High Power Fixed Attenuator • Waveguide Variable Attenuator
 Other Waveguide Components:
• Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter • Waveguide Magic Tee
 MMW Antennas:
• Lens Antenna •Cassegrain Antenna • Standard Gain Horn Antenna
 110GHz Vector Network Analyzer:
 110GHz Antenna Measurement Chamber:
Vector Telecom offers the industry's quality RF/MW solutions, backed by superior product support, quick delivery schedules and global competitive prices. By switching your current supplier to Vector Telecom, you can expect significant savings in time and cost.
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