Broadwall Directional Coupler - 2 WG Ports & 2 Coax Ports
Vector Telecom manufactures a standard product line of multi-hole broadwall directional couplers covering a wide frequency range. The optimum electrical characteristics of high directivity and coupling flatness are achieved utilizing a precision machined Tchebyscheff coupling hole distribution and a precision ground tapered load element in the secondary arm. Directional couplers are typically used for power sampling, frequency monitoring, especially in the test setups where power reflection measurements are required. Additional sizes and special configurations are available on request.Broadwall Directional Coupler - 2 WG Ports & 2 Coax Ports
Broadwall Directional Coupler - 2 WG Ports & 2 Coax Ports
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Broadwall Directional Coupler - 2 WG Ports & 2 Coax Ports Product Range
  (GHz) Max (dB) (dB) Min
VT9WUCXNKPPA 0.75-1.15 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R9/WR975 FDP/FDM Al
VT12WUCXNKPPA 0.96-1.46 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R12/WR770 FDP/FDM Al
VT14WUCXNKPPA 1.13-1.73 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R14/WR650 FDP/FDM Al
VT18WUCXNKPPA 1.45-2.20 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R18/WR510 FDP/FDM Al
VT22WUCXNKPPA 1.72-2.61 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R22/WR430 FDP/FDM Al
VT26WUCXNKPPA 2.17-3.30 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R26/WR340 FDP/FDM Al
VT32WUCXNKPPA 2.60-3.95 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R32/WR284 FDP/FDM Al
VT40WUCXNKPPA 3.22-4.90 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R40/WR229 FDP/FDM Al
VT48WUCXNKPPA 3.94-5.99 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R48/WR187 FDP/FDM Al
VT58WUCXNKPPA 4.64-7.05 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R58/WR159 FDP/FDM Al
VT70WUCXNKPPA 5.38-8.17 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R70/WR137 FDP/FDM Al
VT84WUCXNKPPC 6.57-9.99 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R84/WR112 FBP/FBM/FBE Cu
VT100WUCXNKPPC 8.20-12.40 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R100/WR90 FBP/FBM/FBE Cu
VT120WUCXNKPPC 9.84-15.0 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 N-K R120/WR75 FBP/FBM/FBE Cu
VT140WUCXSKPPC 11.9-18.0 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 SMA-K R140/WR62 FBP/FBM/FBE Cu
VT180WUCXSKPPC 14.5-22.0 1.1(Main),1.25(Sec) 30~40 SMA-K R180/WR51 FBP/FBM/FBE Cu
VT220WUCX2.92KPPC 17.6-26.7 1.1(Main),1.5(Sec) 30~40 2.92-K R220/WR42 FBP/FBM/FBE Cu
VT260WUCX2.92KPPC 21.7-33.0 1.1(Main),1.5(Sec) 30~40 2.92-K R260/WR34 FBP/FBM/FBE Cu
VT320WUCX2.92KPPC 26.5-40.0 1.1(Main),1.5(Sec) 30~40 2.92-K R320/WR28 FBP/FBM/FBE Cu

* The Standard Model Numbers above are the most common parts ordered for size, material and flange. However, these models can easily be altered to accommodate your needs by using the Model # code system below for complete part number.
** Please refer to the Technical Reference section for flange types/connectors details. Please contact us for your specific requirements.
*** Nominal Accuracy: ?± 0.7dB, Frequency Sensitivity: ?± 1dB
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